Cyber Conflict Research Institute


Conduct research and development activities with the goal of assuring U.S. resilience in the event of cyber conflict.


The Cyber Conflict Research Institute (CCRI) was founded on the underlying assumption that cyberspace will become an arena for international and sub-national conflict over the next decades. An adequate national cyber response system must be created. No single organization in government, industry, or academia can, by itself, adequately contemplate or address any of the complex issues raised by serious reflection of the potential for cyber conflict. As the threat of cyber conflict evolves and becomes realized, it may well undermine traditional national security structures and policies. The role and mission of the military in national defense must be updated to account for the potential cyber threats to civilian-owned infrastructures in periods (short) of armed conflict. The role and mission of the National Guard in strategic cyber defense must be articulated and made operational. Legal frameworks must evolve to address issues associated with cyber conflict.


CCRI contributes to national cyber preparedness through:
  • Planning and conducting cyber exercises for government and private sector organizations
  • Developing new technologies to improve understanding of cyber conflict
  • Enabling private industry to understand risks and responsibilities associated with cyber conflict
  • Develop models to better understand the consequences of cyber conflict