Eric Brigham

Vice President of Operations, NUARI

Colonel (Retired) Eric Brigham is the Vice President of Operations at NUARI, where he leads organizational efforts as it serves the national public interest through the study of critical national issues and the development of related educational and training programs. This includes enhancing national capability for preparedness and response through development of strategic alliances, partnerships, collaborations, and outreach programs with diverse public and private sector stakeholders; communities of governmental and non-governmental organizations, academic and research institutions; and business and industry associations and entities.

Before joining NUARI, Colonel Brigham served as the Army Professor of Military Science, and Dean of the College of National Services at Norwich University. He also concurrently served as the Professor of Military Science for Army ROTC at Dartmouth College.

Before returning to Norwich University and arrival at NUARI, Colonel Brigham served as Chief of Staff, Alaskan Command and Joint Task Force Alaska.

Colonel Brigham has held a wide variety of staff and leadership positions during his 28 years of active service.

His staff experience includes assignments in the 4th Infantry Division in Colorado, the 6th Infantry Division in Alaska, the 25th Infantry Division in both Hawaii and Afghanistan, and numerous assignments in Northern Virginia and the Pentagon.

His command experience includes Company Command, Battalion Command, and Brigade Command.

Colonel Brigham holds a bachelor of science degree from Norwich University, is a graduate of the Army’s Command and General Staff College, and holds two master’s degrees, one in Administration from Central Michigan University, and one in National Security Strategy from the National War College.

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