Tom Muehleisen, LTC (R), CISSP

Director of Cyber Operations for Norwich Applied Research Institutes (NUARI),  Mr. Tom Muehleisen (Retired) Lieutenant Colonel. In his 3 decades of professional experience, in and out of uniform, he has worked at just about every level within IT and Military Operations: from systems analyst to chief information officer, from airborne ranger to battalion commander. His last role in uniform was as the cyber operations lead for the State of Washington. In this role, he co-wrote the state’s nation-leading cyber response plan. After military retirement, he continued his work, as a consultant, creating graduate curriculum for the University of Washington on cyber resilience and facilitating exercises for local business owners, large defense contractors and most recently, multiple organizations involved in a major telecommunications cyber security event (exercise only, not actual) involving state government and a large wireless provider. He is a published author with works on cyber security, the application of military science on cybersecurity and even a military science fiction book on near future military operations.

His role as the Director of Cyber Operations for NUARI allows him to continue this work, focusing on the Energy Sector, its Critical Functions and Community Lifelines. With Tom’s help, NUARI will expand use of the decide® platform from Finance into Energy and beyond.

Scott Nelson

Vice President of Operations, NUARI
  Mr. Scott Nelson is currently Vice President for Norwich University Applied research Institutes (NUARI).  Scott is also an US Army Reserve Colonel, former Brigade Commander and the Commander of the 75th Innovation Command Seattle Squadron, a sub command of Army Futures Command. He transitioned off active duty as the national director for the USAR Cyber Public Private Partnership initiative and Deputy Commander of the Army Reserve Cyber Operations Group, overseeing the standup of 10 Army Cyber Protection Teams. He is also the N2SI volunteer Executive Director of a national 3-State Regional Information Sharing and Threat Analysis initiative.  Scott previously served as Vice President Strategic Growth and Business Development for Secure|Set Academy LLC, a Denver based private post-secondary accredited education company. In this capacity, Scott develops relationships and partnerships that provide SecureSet with strategic growth opportunities in enterprise sales.  Scott has also served in multiple other capacities for SecureSet including Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Outcomes, Denver Campus Director and Education program manager.  In these capacities he was responsible for operations of multiple locations of the Academy program and four distinct missions; K-12, Entry level cyber security applied education (CORE program), Executive/C-Suite and Board education, student career outcomes and Employment partner development. Between 2010 and 2013 Scott ran a DoD program at USNORTHCOM evaluating and assessing technological and information science applications for counter transnational criminal organizations across Mexico, central, south America and the Caribbean.  Scott is a graduate of the Army War College, University of Montana and currently pursuing a second Masters in Infrastructure Protection Management at the University of Washington.

Andy Zybas

Project Manager, Defense Technologies Research Institute, NUARI. The Defense Technologies Research Institute (DTRI) was established to leverage technology as a significant enabler to enhanced performance on a complex, asymmetrical battlefield. Our battle-experienced personnel provide a unique link between the current user and the private sector provider of an emerging technology. Specifically, DTRI promotes research and development of advanced man portable systems in the areas of visual augmentation, sensors, mobility equipment, communications and information assurance, and force protection by seeking to adopt, adapt, or modify existing or new technologies that provide expanded capabilities to US forces.

Phil T. Susmann

President, NUARI; Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Norwich University Phil Susmann is the President of Norwich University Applied Research Institutes (NUARI). NUARI serves the national public interest through the study of critical national issues and the development of related educational and training programs. NUARI conducts rapid research, develops and deploys needed technologies and addresses related policy and technology issues to enhance the national capability for preparedness and response. NUARI is a non-profit corporation organized by the Trustees of Norwich University. NUARI accomplishes its mission through the development of strategic alliances and teams, partnerships, and outreach programs with diverse public and private sector stakeholders. NUARI to date has received more than $62M in applied research funding. NUARI has active projects in Cyber Security, Defense Technologies, and Educational Technology and Delivery. NUARI continues to develop the DECIDE® Platform, a strategic decision-making and communication exercise tool set. The DECIDE® Platform provides an unparalleled cyber threat experience to simulate a broad range of cyber threats and incident scenarios in a dynamic online environment. DECIDE® helps organizations exercise and experiment response plans and technical solutions, honing the real time decision-making capabilities, strategic communications’, critical infrastructure security, and sector level coordination that prevent cyber incidents from becoming a business disaster. NUARI created the financial sector exercises Quantum Dawn© operated in conjunction with industry institutions, associations, law enforcement, homeland and national security, and financial sector regulators. NUARI has executed DECIDE® events internationally including Singapore, South Africa, and the European Union. NUARI is a member of the National Cybersecurity Preparedness Consortium, NCPC, organized around the Cyber Security Maturity Model (CCSMM) to provide cyber security training and education to “whole communities”. NCPC has been awarded Continuing Training Grants in support of these efforts by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016. NUARI works closely with NCPC members in the development and delivery of cyber security curriculum and education and training courses. NUARI has developed cyber security education and training technologies for hands-on experiences, partnering with industry tool developers and emerging technologies to prepare cyber security professionals. Phil Susmann is also Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Norwich University. He is responsible to the President of the university for government relations, strategic cyber security business development, and supporting the Board of Trustees New Business Initiatives and Strategic Planning Committee. Phil has been at Norwich University for 30 years as a faculty member, Chief Information Officer, and was responsible for the creation of the Cyber Security Programs, and the research and development activities that became NUARI in 2002.