DOE Cybersecurity Awareness Program

The OCIO supports a variety of cybersecurity awareness activities that impress upon DOE employees the importance of cybersecurity and the adverse consequences of its failure.  The primary purpose of awareness activities is to enhance the 'general awareness and understanding' of current cyber threats and recommended mitigations as well as to cultivate a Big air conditionercomputing environment where cybersecurity behaviors and responses are automatic and consistent.  Given the fact that general users are a primary target for malicious cyber activity, it is critical that users have the basic understanding of cybersecurity best practices and policies to immediately and consistently react to cyber incidents.


Our Thinking: Cyber Incident Awareness Training

Emergency managers are prepared to respond to disasters in the physical world but as critical infrastructure is increasingly dependent on cyber, first responders are confronted by a new set of challenges. Meanwhile, IT professionals understand these challenges, but are internally focused on protecting their systems and information rather than the broader repercussions that a cyber incident could have on their community. Since a significant cyber incident with impact on critical infrastructure could require a coordinated response by emergency management and IT professionals, it’s important that they know how to communicate with one another.

Norwich University Applied Research Institutes (NUARI) fills this training gap with two courses. One course introduces the emergency manager to cyber; the other introduces the IT professional to emergency management. Each course is composed of five lessons focused on building a common situational awareness between emergency managers and IT professionals in the event of a cyber event with impact on critical infrastructure.

Cyber Incident Awareness Training

  1. What Is Cyberspace?
  2. Threats and Vulnerabilities
  3. Where Cyberspace Meets Physical Space
  4. Best Practices for Network Security
  5. Introduction to Preparedness for Cyber Incidents

Emergency Management for IT Professionals

  1. Emergency Management for IT Professionals
  2. Systems and Frameworks of Emergency Management
  3. The All-Hazards Environment
  4. The IT Infrastructure of Emergency Management
  5. The Importance of Pre-Incident Planning

Course is online and free. No prerequisites. Open enrollment. Earn Certificate of Completion in less than two hours.


Norwich University Applied Research Institutes (NUARI) was federally chartered under legislation sponsored by Sen. Patrick Leahy in 2002 and is funded in part through the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense. NUARI has a national center to address cyber incident management challenges through research, training programs and technology development and has been a global leader for more than a decade in developing cyber war gaming, distributed learning technology, distributed simulation technology, critical infrastructure exercises, and cyber security curriculum.

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